Mom On Purpose
Become the mom you want to be.
Feel better. Overcome challenges. Live your best life.
Your brain is wired for survival, not for happiness.

This is why you experience the comparison trap, mom-guilt, overthinking, anxiety, worrying, stress, and feeling like you're failing as a mom.

But I have some good news.

Using psychology theory via coaching tools, you can reprogram your brain to overcome these challenges and live a more fulfilling life.
You'll Learn How To:
 Finally feel like a good enough mom 
 Stop yelling and snapping at your kids
 Find freedom from overwhelm and anxiety
 Stop fighting with your spouse
 Increase confidence and self love
 Navigate challenging relationships
 Feel more empowered to solve everyday challenges
 Be in control of your own emotions
 Create time management systems that work for you
Manage your mindset to create more positivity and joy
Stop complaining and feel more gratitude
Set and achieve goals for a more fulfilling life
In Mom On Purpose, you get tools and resources used by thousands of women to help you become your best self.
What You Get Each Month:
Help From Natalie
A weekly group coaching call with Natalie and a 24/7 written coaching forum for anything that comes up in between calls.
A New Workshop Class
Every month, you get a new class on a different topic to improve your life, so the program grows with you.
A Content Library
Tools, resources, on-demand courses, and downloads in a library of content, so you can get help with any topic at any time.
Members Only Podcast
Mini-classes and coaching call replays on the private podcast, so you can have a source of positive input and listen on the go.
You'll Get Tools To Help With:
Motherhood And Parenting
The demands of motherhood are no joke. It's sink or swim because motherhood doesn't relent. Mom On Purpose provides the tools to help you thrive as a confident, patient, and connected mom. You'll reduce yelling, be more present, stop feeling so frustrated with your kids, and become the mom you were made to be.
Marriage And Relationships
Relationships are challenging, even with people we love most. Whether it's your marriage, in-laws, parents, friends, or colleagues, navigating relationships effectively is a skill you can learn and get good at so you're more connected to the people who you care about.
Time Management
And Balance
Feeling like you have never-ending to-do list with not enough time to get everything done is no way to live. The solution includes a combination of time management and planning tools, discipline strategies, and creating future long-term and short-term planning that feels authentic and true to the life you genuinely want to live.
Stress, Worry, And Overwhelm
It's no secret that our modern lives mean we often feel negative emotions like anxiety, worry, frustration, stress, overwhelm, and more. Yet, we aren't taught how to navigate these experiences in an effective way. In Mom On Purpose, you'll learn the process to feel these feelings so they aren't the top emotions you experience regularly. Instead, you can create a life with more joy, ease, and peace. It's quite life changing.
Self Love, Self Care, And Self Confidence
As women, we tend to put ourselves last because we take care of so much about others. Yet, that often leads to overwhelm and burnout. With real self-care, self-love, and self-confidence practices, you can learn how to become your own best friend and enjoy being you.
Purpose And Fulfillment
Growth isn't supposed to stop when we hit our 30s, 40s, or 50s. As human beings we are designed to grow from our first to our last breath. What that growth looks like will change based on the season you're in. Whether it's a specific goal you want to achieve or an inner transformation you want to create (like becoming happier), identifying your desires and living into them is something you deserve.
I created this space because of the profound impact psychology tools have had on my life. I used to have a lot of anxiety, worry all the time, overwork (as an attorney), and constantly pursue goals thinking that happiness was "over there."

It turns out the rigidity, fear, and anger weren't just "the way I was" or due to being "Type-A." I was the way I was because I didn't know how to be any different. Then I learned how to apply psychology theory to my life via coaching tools. And everything changed. My life drastically improved.

I used these tools to stop yelling, become more calm, change careers, drop the mom-guilt, quit drinking, lose 40 pounds, create an incredible marriage, navigate the challenges of motherhood, move across the country (twice), and more. I continue to use these tools because they help me navigate challenges and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

As a wife, (boy) mom, and dog mama, I bring family values to my coaching.

As a professionally trained Advanced Certified Coach, I have training and experience coaching thousands of clients transform their lives.

If this resonates with you, I'd love to show you how to live a life better than you've imagined. Join me in Mom On Purpose, and I'll show you the way.
What's Included In Your Membership
1. A New Class Every Month
Every month I (Natalie) teach a new class on a different topic like: be a better mom, reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your marriage, unbusy your schedule, make better decisions, declutter your home, live a happier life, goal setting on purpose, and more. No class is ever repeated, so you continue to get brand new monthly content.
2. On Demand Tools + Courses
There's a Content Library that includes on-demand workshops, courses, classes downloads, and resources that you can access immediately. Topics include: Happiness, Marriage, Motherhood, Anxiety and Stress, Self Love, Time Management, Physical Health, Mindset, Feelings, Goal Setting, Purpose, Money, Journaling, and more.
3. Live Group Coaching + Replays
Every week there is a live coaching call with me (Natalie) where you can get coached (or listen in). You don't need coaching daily, but most healthy people benefit from having it weekly. You can attend live, watch the replay, or listen on the Private Podcast. There's also a 24/7 written coaching forum where you can ask me anything (I answer all questions). So whenever something is going on in your life, there's always a space to get coaching right when you need it.
4. A Supportive, Caring Community
The women in our community are exceptionally supportive of each other. There's an immediate connection on coaching calls that most women are so surprised to find. As one member said, "it wasn't until I saw the other women get coached that I realized this is something everyone needs." You will likely feel like this is your sacred space to feel supported and seen.
Common Questions
Do I have to be a mom with young kids to join?
Nope! Many members have school-aged kids and adult children, while others have young kids. If you don't have kids, you're welcome to join, too. As long as you're a woman, this space is for you.
What's the difference between coaching and therapy? 
Therapy is like going to the doctor for a broken arm, while coaching is like going to the gym to exercise. Both are powerful, but they're completely different. Therapy is often used for trauma, for example, while coaching is often used for every day challenges like yelling at your kids. Coaching is not a substitute for therapy. If you have a mental illness, seek medical or professional help. This is coaching for every day challenges to help you improve your life. If you want a space to work on your mental and emotional wellness, this is it!
When should I join if I'm really busy?
This membership is like Netflix. You could spend all day every day binging shows and movies, but you likely just watch it when you have time or want to. That's how this membership is. You can spend as much or as little time as you want. One call per week (one hour) can change your life, and you can listen on the go.
How long do I have access to the content?
Just like you a gym membership, where you get to go as long as you're a member (and don't take the machines home with you), this program is accessible as long as you're a member.
Will I get access to Natalie Bacon as a coach?
Yes. I (Natalie) will answer 100% of your questions. We have weekly live group coaching calls where you can raise your hand to get coached directly by me. You can also write into our Coaching Forum inside the membership site, where I answer all your questions within two business days.
How often are coaching calls?
There's a group coaching call about once per week that all members can attend. If you can't make it live, the replay is uploaded to the portal within 24 hours and on the Private Podcast. There are additional calls for VIP and Platinum Members who have been there for more than six and 12 months, respectively. You don't need to get coached daily, but you do need to experience it weekly to stay empowered.
How easy is it to cancel?
Easy. There is a form in your portal that you can submit anytime. You simply add your name, email, and reason for leaving (to help us improve the program) and press submit. Then you're never charged again.
 I have another question. How can I ask it? 
  You can reach out to us at We have amazing customer service and someone from the Mom On Purpose Team will reply within 24 business hours with your answer.  
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